Who Needs Your Products?

 “He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail” – Abraham Maslow

Interesting, isn’t it. Why do people buy things? Primarily they buy things in order to satisfy their need or want, to solve a problem, or to fill a gap. The point is, customer doesn’t need your product. Rather, if your product satisfies a need perceived by your customer, that’s the reason customer approached your product.

Mousetraps are found everywhere, they work once, twice, but not always. Customers are smart, they learn from their mistakes and learn to avoid future traps. This golden law works for all products… A product will sell only if it caters to one of above areas (need, want, fill a gap, or solve a problem).

So, its important to understand that people need to stay alive, people need to satisfy their hunger, they need their problems to be solved. But, do they really need your product – I’d say ABSOLUTE NO. They don’t need your product.

You need to find out what is customer’s real problem and more importantly, you need to find out what is it exactly that the customer is trying to accomplish. What is customer’s goal? How can you add more value, by not just solving the problem, but helping the customer accomplish the goal.

Look for the customer’s problem, Identify the exact pain point, look for the goal the problem is inhibiting, and last but not the least, looks for the need the goal is satisfying. If you can understand and identify these in early stage of your product Idea & design, it will help more people/customers solve their problems and accomplish their goals.