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The Shoe Girl

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

When I was 19 I decided to start my own business selling shoes that I had dressed up a bit – I just sewed little bows on them, added buttons, glitter…that sort of thing. It turned out to be the best decision ever and my business really took off when a local celebrity heard of me and ordered a pair for the Grammys! Anyway, last year I opened my very first shop and it’s just been a dream come true. It’s a lot of work getting a store ready for customers, especially one that’s supposed to be hip and cool like mine. I had to hire a designer to come in and pick all the colors for me and I had to get a lot of the shelving and things like that custom made. I went to http://DIREC4U.COM and ordered satellite both for the employee breakroom and for the massive plasma on the sales floor and everything really turned out great. I can’t believe I own my own business and I’m this successful!

Comparison Shopper Website - Canada Post

Recently, during our keyword research journey we bumped onto a SERP (Search Engine Results Page)  that brought a website named "Canada Post" to my attention, especially due to my own involvement in the eCommerce websites design & development that are based on relationship with affiliate programs/network integration.

Most notable areas of the website is the SEARCH BOX with the title "COMPARISON SHOPPER". So, we decided to give it a try to search for "ACER LAPTOPS" and were amazed to see the search results. The site provided lot of useful information for a shopper as listed below:
  1. Product Image
  2. Product Price (Marked v/s Sell)
  3. %off if applicablle
  4. S&H (Shipping & handling) cost
  5. Whether free shipping
  6. And, most important the product source (Newegg, PC Canada, Amazon etc...)
acer laptop
Another area that caught our attention are the Price & Discount Sliders... What that means for the shopper is that shopper can search for products based on price range and Discount % they are looking for.
Kudos... This is a cool place to shop for.

Using Direct Mail - PR Series

When you want someone to get a message, sometimes the simplest thing to do is send a letter. Millions of direct mail pieces fill mail boxes across the  country every single day - just for that reason of simplicity.

I'm sure we all share the same pain and grumble "junk mail" and are tired tearing those off on day-2-day basis. Still, we all find something useful (coupons, offers, deals, specials etc...) once in a blue moon.

Probably the only people who would truly appreciate the importance of sending direct mail are business owners (individuals, small, medium, and large - in short every business owner). Others appreciate when they find something useful as mentioned above.

Before creating a direct mail campaign you need to consider 2 things: 1) whom you want to receive the mail piece, and 2) how to get the uniqueness of your product or service and send the  message across. How you want your message to be delivered?

"How to Use Twitter for Business – An Introductory Guide"

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The Perfect Marketing Strategy

Best Marketing Strategies used by Apple, Microsoft, Google & Walmart

Marketing Concepts in Two Minutes - Funny Friday

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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics

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How To Find Good Products To Sell From ClickBank Marketplace - ClickBank Tutorial

Making Money With Clickbank complete Steps For Beginners | How To Make Money With ClickBank

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(Excerpt from HubSpot Email)

How to Remarket to or Retarget Previous Visitors with Kevin Lee

Digital Remarketing Explained

4 Email Addresses Capture Techniques to Increase Website Conversion

1. Incentivized Newsletter Sign Up - Most of the ecommerce websites have "Newletter Sign-up"  buried way below the fold, causing it kind-of invisible to the visitor and missing the opportunity of throwing up the Newsletter Sign-up right in the front of the customer's eyes.

Based on recent study, it was discovered that top 3 reasons why the customers or visitors would share email address are purely promotional. Visitors are ready to share email addresses only if they are getting something in return.
  • 67% to receive discounts and promotions
  • 55% to get a ‘freebie’ in exchange for my email address
  • 50% To get updates on coming sales
Design/Re-design  your site to ensure Newsletter sign-up is above the  fold, and catchy.
2. Site Registration

Provide incentives for registering on your site... or ensure the free material, downloads, webinar request etc... are available to the visitor based on registration process.

3. Social Login

Quite a lot of site face issues due to credibility concerns when it comes to registration or sharing personal email. At times people are lazy to register over and over again with multiple websites. This is where SOCIAL LOGIN comes handy and gives boost to the # of visitors who would eventually sign-up or share more information.
Check out when you goto

4. Shopping Cart Process

In the check-out process you should capture the email address & possibly Name of the customer as early as possible to be able to send personalized emails with offers and updates based on their shopping experience, products in the cart etc... You can also offer Save the cart now and complete shopping later functionality with integrated registration.

So, bottom-line is there is no one right tool, no one right method to capture customer's email address... Infact, there are several ways, and you have to identify which one fits your model and business.

Some Advanced Remarketing Ideas

How To Setup a Facebook Fan Page and Custom URL & MORE




FACEBOOK MARKETING - 7 Amazing Ways To Promote Your Business On Facebook

Marketing Man's Videos on YouTube

Marketing Man's Videos on YouTube

Watch entire series of videos on Youtube @

Internet/EMail Marketing Terms You Need to Know

29 Email Marketing Terms Marketers Must Know - HubSpot
Email Marketing 101: 10 Terms & Concepts You Need to Know - WebCosmoForums
60 Internet Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Whitepaper: Key Trends & Technologies Shaping the Future of Marketing

Key Trends & Technologies Shaping the Future of Marketing

Marketing is evolving faster than ever before — especially regarding the use of technology, changes in consumer behavior, and the emergence of new mobile commerce models. The culmination of these factors is leading to an explosion of fundamentals marketers need to understand when attempting to forecast and guide business decisions over the next decade. Fortunately, looking at growing trends and influences today can highlight the direction marketers will need to take going forward.

This whitepaper will explore:
  • What marketers need to master over the next 10 years
  • How technology is affecting the brand experience
  • Potential impact of mobile commerce on marketing
  • Why data is the new currency
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Analysis: Three Promotion Pitfalls to Avoid When Remarketing to Abandoned Shopping Carts

In this post, we look at the potential pitfalls of using promotions in shopping cart recovery campaigns and the different strategies you can use to avoid these issues.

Reasons Why Website Visitors Abandoned their Shopping Carts « Website Conversion Blog

Last year, 154 million people in the U.S. made online purchases amounting to $155.2 billion in sales, or approximately $1000 each, according to recent Forrester research.

Read entire story here - Reasons Why Website Visitors Abandoned their Shopping Carts « Website Conversion Blog

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Private Video Ad Exchange from TubeMogul

Read entire story here... Private Video Ad Exchange from TubeMogul

Video marketing provider TubeMogul has launched a new private ad exchange product. Media companies interested in pursuing some real-time media buying on video now have a powerful solution capitalize on surplus inventory. Private exchanges are commonly used in the display advertising market but this may just be the first foray into the same for video.


Free Website Trade Publication >> Website Magazine

Google Moves Similar Sites/Pages - Website Magazine - Website Magazine

Google Moves Similar Sites/Pages - Website Magazine - Website Magazine

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Free 6-part certification* series from HubSpot and Marketwire helps PR professionals take their programs to a new level.

PR today is about building communities with media, journalists, bloggers and other stakeholders – and then sharing information with them. As the lines of audiences have blurred, so has the role of the PR pro. It takes a new mindset, new tools and new metrics to determine ROI. If you do it right, you can enjoy greater success than ever before. Learn from those who are living in and profiting from this new reality. Deals and Top Sellers: July 11, 2011

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[New Guide] 10 Ways To Spot Bad SEO


Each day, 20% of Google searches consist of terms that have never been searched before! This offers a major opportunity for generating more traffic and leads for your business. Getting found through search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental part of inbound marketing success. Here is a complimentary guide that will help you identify bad SEO companies before you hire them and waste valuable marketing budget.

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ReFollow - Introduction to Most Popular Twitter Accounting Tool

Refollow is one of the most popular account management tools on Twitter, helping you organize, filter, and manage your Twitter social network. Refollow was created by Originate, Inc with the goal of enhancing the user's social experience on Twitter.

  • Manage your Friends and Followers
  • Group by Relationships
  • Sort by Importance
  • Explore Twitter Social Graph
  • Discover Relevant Users
  • Filter Irrelevant Users
  • Follow/Unfollow/Block
  • Crowd Tagging and Comments
  • Lock Relationships

You can check couple of videos here and decide for yourself if this tool is something you would like to use.