Evolution of a Great User Experience

Evolution of a Great User Experience: From Guided Search and Navigation to Experience Management from Cirrus10

Wishing A Happy New Year – 2014

Wish everyone within the network and beyond a Very Happy and Successful 2014.

Endeca -Useful Links/Sites

What is Endeca MDEX engine? Learn about Endeca MDEX ENGINE Modifying the FCM pipeline The Path to Discovery Oracle Endeca for Mobile Application Development Endeca at NSCU Library Twitter and Endeca Information Discovery Endeca Guru Blog Site Asset Modeling Using Endeca Endeca Presentation on Slideshare

Oracle Endeca Commerce 3.1 Implementation Developer Exam

The Oracle Endeca Commerce 3.1 Implementation Developer Essentials Implementation Specialist certification is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in selling and implementing Oracle Endeca Commerce 3.1 solutions. This certification covers topics such as: Record Design; Pipeline Development; Working with Search Features; Experience Manager Concepts; Overview of Query Types; Application development with [Read More…]

Where’s My ATG Plug-in For Eclipse?

Of course, I’m not talking about the movie “Dude, Where’s my car?”. Having seen tons of posts in several forms on Google & Oracle community regarding the ATG plug-in for Eclipse, thought of writing this post for everyone’s benefit. First time when I installed the ATG platform and when wondering about where to write the [Read more…]

Oracle Commerce Community

Oracle Commerce Community on LinkedIn – For all Oracle Commerce customers & enthusiasts, the Oracle Commerce Product team have sponsored this LinkedIn Community. The intent is to share product updates and events with everyone — and a place where the Commerce customers can share their ideas and success stories as well. This will be a [Read more…]

ATG – Understanding CIM Modes

The CIM utility/script can be run in two basic modes as below: CIM in command-line interactive mode CIM in command-line interactive + RECORD mode CIM in BATCH mode #1 – CIM in command-line interactive mode If this is going to be one time affair and you don’t have any need to save the configuration settings [Read more…]

ATG – CIM Clean Start (Development)

SCENARIO Your initial experience installing the ATG framework using CIM may go SOUTH and you may consider or want to re-configure it from scratch. How do you achieve this? CIM is a module installed automatically by ATG Installation process and is located in <ATGDIR>/CIM folder (e.g. C:\ATG\ATG10.2\CIM). The CIM module comprises of following folders: config […]