Lost Endeca Workbench Password – What would you do?

With Oracle Commerce 11.0 – the the administrator username and password used by the deployment template is stored securely in the Oracle Wallet (i.e. the Oracle Credential Storage Framework or ‘CSF’) – y0u must have observed while deploying the application. We usually have multiple environments DIT (development), SIT (testing), Stage, and Production. So, In this […]

Endeca MDEX Plugin – for New Relic by Spark::red

It has been few weeks since the launch of new plugin released by Spark::red for the Oracle Endeca MDEX engine on New Relic platform. Here comes the excitement – I’ve already tried and used Splunk APP “Oracle Endeca Guided Search”, hence was wondering what would it be like to see MDEX performance/numbers on New Relic […]

Multi-Channel/Omni Personalization Questionnaire

In this article we are going to look @ series of questions broadly categorized into strategy, implementation, and operations – that can help you understand your organization’s position with respect to personalized customer experience. STRATEGY / VISION / ORGANIZATION Is personalization something that is considered important within your organization? Does it have Organizational Leadership commitment? […]

Webcast – Oracle Commerce V11.1

Hello Friends, Since Q1 Launch of Oracle Commerce V11, this is the next milestone for the newly branded ATG+Endeca product suite a.k.a. – Oracle Commerce. Please click this link to register for the live event on 24th JULY 2014. You can also get to the registration for the event from LinkedIn – Click here… Also, […]

Endeca – Troubleshooting Article – 1

As many of you might have encountered below error one time or the other. The question is some errors are obviously self-explanatory v/s others are not. I’m planning on publishing a series of articles which will help the community on quickly getting the possible solution to the issues @ hand. ISSUE # 1 Check if […]

Endeca – Promoting Content from Staging to Production

Working with any new product has its own challenges, especially when there are lot of details that are probably not covered in any training and of course you don’t make much out of the documentation clearly. So, was the scenario for me to plan on exactly what and how of moving the content from Staging […]

Endeca – Monitoring the Log Server

How do you check the health or status of the Endeca Log Server? You can check if the log server is running or not by issuing the following URL syntax: http://LogServerNameorIP:LogServerPortNumber/stats Based on above syntax and the host name / port information provided while deploying the application – LogServerNameorIP is localhost (below) and the LogServerPortNumber […]