Social media tools for success–PART I

Hardware Tools

Smart phone with a Data plan – Social media is becoming more mobile every minute. You need your marketing, executive and management staff equipped with a start of the art smart phone with the right data plan that can help the new marketing generation stay in touch and connected with the social world.

Notebook or Tablet Computer – A power & portable notebook, netbook, or a tablet is vital for communicating even from a remote location.

Mobile Broadband Solution – If you are travelling frequently and are carrying your laptop or netbook it makes perfect sense to go for a Mobile broadband service/solution so as you can be hooked to the net from anywhere. Every major mobile carrier has a mobile broadband solution. Alternatively, you can sign-up for Boingo Wi-fi membership if you want to take advantage of 1000’s of wireless internet hotspots in airports, hotels, restaurants, and beyond.

Video Camera + Webcam– Get a video camera that is user friendly, light, highly compatible with multiple operating systems, easy to transfer/upload videos to PC or onto social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook videos, etc… The major factor to consider is easy of use and distribution. Make sure your laptop is equipped with a webcam.

Good microphone – Invest in high-quality & easy-2-use microphone. You might be recording seminars, client interviews, expert comments, testimonials, podcasts and tons of other means of capturing audio content on the run.

With this we will conclude Part I of this series. In Part II – we will introduce you to the Software tools that you will need for a successful social media marketing/communication.

To be continued…

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