Missed Part I – Check this link Social Media Tools for Success - Part I

In Part II – we will introduce you to the Software tools that you will need for a successful social media marketing/communication.

Graphics and Photo Editing Software – Graphics & Photo editing software are basic necessities when it comes to cropping an image or adjusting the image settings like brightness, contrast, applying special effects to the photo/images/logos. The intent is not to become a graphics designer, but rather be able to use basic features that can make your graphics look better when you publish the content. It shouldn’t at least looks like a work of an amateur.

Video Editing Software – Assume you shot a video at a particular seminar or event and would like to publish it on social network, with an assumption that there might be some moments or clips that you would like to take off of the video or add some TEXT content, captioning etc… to the video. You are looking forward to a good, easy to use video editing software at your disposal for the kind of task. Google the keywords and it will lead you to tons of Free & Price-based video editing software.

Audio Editing Software – You an use Garage Band for Mac or Audacity for the PC for editing audio. We’re suggesting Audacity since it is very easy to use and needs very little to no training.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software – In the world of marketing, Contact list or Customer list is one of the most important assets and you need to use a system to track and organize the sales and marketing activities.

Browser with Social & Google Plug-ins – Browsers that support and are equipped with toolbar support and plug-ins from social media world are able to automate and speed-up a lot of activities online. FireFox and IE are the most plug-in friendly browsers, especially FireFox.

With this we will conclude Part II – In Part III – we will introduce you to the the Social Networking terms and tools.

Missed Part I – Check this link Social Media Tools for Success - Part I

To Be Continued…

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