Social Media–What Does These Terms Mean To You?

Blogs – can typically thought of as a tool to organize your thoughts, status, ideas, news, and almost everything else that can be communicated in chronological order. This clearly means more permanence than emails, since emails can have tons of wanted + unwanted contents, difficult to keep your inbox organized, limited search abilities, etc… Blogs are one of the most effective means to communicate to the users of your niche or community.

Podcast – Written words turned into live audible or visual communication that encourage different types of learning are called podcasts. Typically they are in portable formats and hence one of the important features is you can listen or watch the podcasts while on road or waiting on airport, or at your favorite Starbucks location…Podcasts are normally split by subject, and hence are normally delivered in small chunks v/s a very large episode… Usually few minutes to an hour or so. This helps the users decide exactly which topic they are interested in and hence helps maintain their library clean.

Social Network – is the tool you want to use if you are looking to replace your intranets & corporate directories, and promote non-e-mail conversation channels within and outside the organization. The key purpose is bring the like-minded people around the globe together thru shared interests, no organizational center, and with a sense of group for what is important and beneficial to the community.

Social Bookmarking – tools help entire groups to learn about new articles, tools, and other web resources instead of being beneficial to only a single machine, or browser, or human. One of the great examples is StumbleUpon.

to be continued…

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