Traditional Marketing Techniques

Traditional Marketing & Advertising Techniques

Strategic Alliances - Below are couple of key strategic alliance areas that we have highlighted that can help promote/boost your business & brand:

  • Networking & Speaking Opportunities - By the term "Networking", we mean you need to go out and spread word about your ventures/business/services in your local and professional community. Additional, you can join as many professional groups in your niche and organize seminars/lectures to promote your area of expertise. This is a great way to promote/market your business. 
  • Media Exposure - You can send out press releases on key activities such as seminars schedules, upcoming open-house engagements, free work-shops & training programs in media such as magazines, newspapers, flyers, and also on TV & Radio stations.
Direct Mail - Direct mail marketing technique is one of the oldest and gives a personal touch like sending a post card for those who visited your seminars, open-house, and other such activities.

Telemarketing - Telemarketing is the form of marketing which is normally exercised through telephone (phone calls), usually known to be a "Cold Call" marketing technique. Its referred to as cold call, since the recipient didnt request for information or be contacted, but still the marketers are trying to reach out the community. This is one form of marketing, where people tend to hang-up on you :) since it causes concern about unsolicited calls from strangers.

Print Advertising - Newsletters, Magazine ads/prints, Flyers, Brochures, Visiting cards, Product reviews, and reports are some of the most common types of print marketing/advertising.

Television & Radio Advertising - TV & Radio are & were one of the key marketing mediums prior to Internet Marketing. This form of advertising is still prevalent and growing.

Testimonials - Be it in printed form or Radio or TV, testimonials drives more potential customers towards conversions.

Free Product Samples - For companies which are into product selling business and have dedicated budget for free samples to the prospective buyers, can adopt this option as one of the effective means.

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