Internet Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

Marketing "in general" can be defined as "All the strategies, techniques, and media/means you use to promote and grow your business" maybe it in the traditional world or online. 

There are several techniques that companies normally exercise, which includes advertising, market research, studying competition, publicity stunts, sales, merchandising and distribution. 

Traditional marketing can be defined as all the means where the marketing material is delivered to the prospective customers in print format, TV & Radio, in person, and other communications. 

On the other hand, as discussed earlier Internet marketing uses the power of both, Internet (online networks) and interactive media to achieve the marketing objectives...Bottom-line is "Selling" and growing business. 

Most companies use both wings of marketing (Traditional & Internet) to expand their reach to the potential/existing customers. This has helped companies to create balance between tight budgets and the ambition for maximum exposure, and churn as much revenue possible.

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