10-Step Plan for New Websites Owners (Beginners)

The mere fact that more and more people are inclining towards buying products/services online is driving the companies to re-think their marketing strategies and the distribution of their marketing budget. But, what would it take for your company to reach the targeted audience “online”. Below is a 10-step plan outlined for the beginners. Remember – these are at very high-level and each step has the scope of discussion in greater details. 
  1. Write down the exact goals/objectives that the company wants to achieve with online presence. Based on that write a web promotion plan and an effective web design and development strategy based on your niche
  2. Remember - Content is the “King”. Appearing in the top page in major search engines needs practicing good Search Optimization Techniques - “White Hat”
  3. If you are intending to resell products, then need to work on dominating the marketing niche with affiliate, reseller, and associate programs
  4. Implement Email Marketing Effectively
  5. Build a responsive opt-in email list (Permission marketing is important)
  6. Engage Internet Marketing consultant to perform analysis about marketing strategies, advertising plan, and promotion efforts
  7. Write & publish articles on article submission sites and/or publish newsletters
  8. Write & publish online press releases regularly
  9. Introduce giveaways for your customers on your site. Also, you can introduce contests, polls, surveys, and feedbacks.
  10. Blog (share your perspective/knowledge and generate feedback/comments) and interact with your visitors - frequency is the key
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