Affiliate Networks for creating deals /coupons sites

Deal Website – Key Ingredients

Today, we will highlight the requirement of key ingredients @ high level for constructing and launching Deal/Coupon site for your existing/future customers.

And, we will continue this series in order to provide step-by-step guidelines on how to mechanize and integrate each ingredient being discussed here in up-coming series. Also, in this part we will discuss the 1st key ingredient i.e. DOMAIN REGISTRATION.

Above image had all the necessary secret ingredients needed to build a quick and nice looking Deal/Coupon site, and also have outlined the same below in possibly correct sequence:

Domain Registration
Web hosting
Affiliate Network tie-ups
Google Adsense
Google Adwords
Website editor / wordpressor
Domain Registration

Below are 6 factors that we will discuss and must be considered for any Business Avenue and domain selection/registration:

Domain type

The domain type (e.g. .com, and,, .info, .net, .tv, .edu) is one factor to consider. Suggestion for the average company doing business in one country is to choose the domain type for your country. In India, choose, Australia, choose; in England,; in the United States, .com. The primary criteria for selection of .COM (being most popular of all types) is, if you think you might go international one day, the .com domain type is definitely a best choice as it's considered the international domain type. What if the domain name you want isn't available in the domain type you want? There are numerous other choices such as .net, .biz but I would advise to consider carefully before choosing these alternatives. Many people assume website addresses will end ( or, etc.) so they may have trouble finding your web address or, worse still, if your competitor has address and you choose address you could be giving your competitor a helping hand.

Alternatively, once you have a .COM domain available for registration of your choice, I would recommend registering .net, .info, .biz and maybe a few others… since that would help boost traffic.

Keep it simple and/or stupid (KISS Factor)

In my opinion, "Simplicity is the best policy" - simple is definitely best when it comes to domain names. That is, shorter domain names are better than longer, easy to spell names are better than harder to spell ones and easier to remember domain names are better than names that test the memory.

Intuitive, Simple, Easy to remember, match for your business are few suggestions that you should consider while selecting the domain name.

Avoid special characters in the domain name like "-"(hyphen), it makes it very cumbersome for people to type in such characters while entering domain name directly, or thru search engines.

Use your business name

Perhaps an obvious statement but it's worth highlighting: Use your business name as your domain name. Of course you might want to reconsider this if your business name contains 40 characters but in general if you use your business name people will easily be able to remember your domain name. Already mentioned in previous point, stay away from LONG domain names, even when the business name is long. Work out a domain maybe an abbreviated version of your business name.

Use a keyword

Keywords are those special words that the surfers input in search engine to get desired/relevant results. It would certainly be a good idea to slip a keyword into your domain name, as this can be an excellent tactic for getting higher rankings in search engines. For example, if you sell iPad apps and you know people will use the keyword phrase 'iPad apps' to search for a business such as yours in Google or another search engine, having a domain name such as makes good sense.

Undecided? Register more

The cost to register domain names is relatively inexpensive, so if you are unsure about your domain name register more than one. You may, for instance, want to get your domain name in a variety of different domain types (e.g., and This is particularly good advice if you think your business may trade in other countries in the future.

Do it now!

Once you've come up with a few potential domain names, you need to find out if they are available and many domain name registrars have a facility that can tell you instantly (Google 'domain name registrar' – in your case, you can simply click on above image). Once you know your chosen domain name is available, register it straight away or otherwise you could risk someone else coming along and beating you to it.

Bottom-line is that there is sheer competition for domain names, and good names are really scarce…


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