Email Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore in 2011

(Below is an excerpt from Webinar page)

While social and mobile seem to get the buzz today, email is still the No. 1 e-commerce traffic driver. A survey by ForeSee Results found that 19 percent of 2010 holiday shoppers came to a website primarily because of a promotional email, while 8 percent arrived via search engine results and only 5 percent used social media.

However, social and mobile will have a huge impact on email marketing in 2011. According to a 2010 Nielsen study, email is now the No. 1 activity on mobile devices, while falling to No. 3 on PCs behind social networking and gaming.
With integrated and social inboxes coming from Facebook, AOL and others, the year will be a challenging one for email marketers. However, these hurdles can become powerful competitive advantages with the right approach and email program.

In this free Webinar, Silverpop evangelist Loren McDonald will outline several key trends and their implications for email marketing in 2011 and provide tips for successfully addressing them.
Among the trends Loren will cover:
  • Social media/networks affecting subscriber expectations from email
  • More consumers accessing email via mobile devices
  • The emergence of the integrated and social inbox
  • Consumers becoming even more "channel choosy"
  • The increasingly fierce battle for the digital marketing budget
  • Growing consumer concerns over privacy and personal data use
  • ISPs/consumers increasing their expectations for "relevant emails."

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