Register now for a webinar from Verisign & Website Magazine

Register Now for a Webinar
from Verisign & Website Magazine

People make snap decisions when they browse the Web. They look for the familiar and the trusted and are equally concerned about fraudulent website and viruses. To maximize traffic to your website, you need to quickly establish credibility and trust for your company and stand out from your competitors.

Learn the ways you can build the trust required to get visitors, like displaying trust seals in search results, offering best practices on a site, providing customer testimonials, contact info, a detailed “About Us” page, and a great returns policy. This webinar, sponsored by VeriSign, is designed for online marketers, e-commerce managers, webmasters, and those responsible for increasing site traffic and conversions.

Don’t miss this one-hour webinar to discover how win snap decisions on the Web: Register now.

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