Top 10 Tactics for Successful Email List Building

Meeting Description:

How do you grow an email list? It’s the most common question posed by nonprofits when talking about online direct response fundraising.

In this session, you’ll learn about the most common channels and techniques for growing your email list including online advertising, chaperoned email sites, list swaps, email appends, social networks, and others.

You’ll hear about the advantages of acquiring email subscriber prospects vs. donors (directly), and discover e-subscriber onboarding – what is it and why is it valuable for growing your online giving results.

We’ll round out the presentation with a look at Facebook fan list-building, and how it plays a roll in your broader online fundraising program.
Join us for this comprehensive look at online list building – you’ll get a chance to see first-hand via case studies and screen shots how some of the leading nonprofits in the sector are cost-effectively growing their online base.

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