Online Video vs. TV - Viewing Behaviours

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YuMe, a video advertising technology company, recently released a new study in which they surveyed 498 viewers over a 6 week time period (U.S. residents, ages 13-54) to better understand their viewing attitudes/behaviours towards TV vs. online video. below are some of the key findings:

  • Online Video’s Explosive Growth Will Continue: More than 66% of respondents said they watch more online video now than they did 12 months ago and 48% expect they will continue to watch more in 2011.

  • Online Video Content is on Par with TV: Viewers’ perception of the quality of video content online has improved and more than 50% of respondents felt they could find more exclusive content online than on TV.

  • Watching Online Video Is a Daily Routine: 49% of respondents said they watch online video daily, with 7 hours being the mean time spent per week.

  • Short-form Content Reigns Supreme Online: 70% of respondents said they watch program clips that are shorter than 5 minutes in length.

  • Scheduled TV Programs are Less Relevant: 60% of viewers watch online video because they can watch it whenever they want.

  • Online Viewers are More Engaged with Ads: Multi-tasking is more pervasive when watching television ads than when watching online video ads; 58% of respondents said they do things around the house when ads come on TV versus 26% for ads online.

  • Heavy Online Video Viewers Can’t Be Reached with TV: Heavy online video viewers are reducing their television viewing yet they are increasing their online video viewing which indicates it will be even more difficult to reach these viewers via television in the future.

Online Video vs. TV - Viewing Behaviours

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