Future of Marketing 2: The Personalization Revolution

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60 Speakers – 60 Minutes – 60 Ways Personalization is revolutionizing marketing

Future of Marketing: The Personalization RevolutionPersonalization is quietly changing the face of marketing. And faster than we think.
The “Personalization Revolution” has been enabling a select number of marketers to create not just windfall profits, but also far deeper relationships with customers, constituents and the marketplace.
In The Future of Marketing 2: The Personalization Revolution hear from the audio recording or read from the transcript 60 professionals talk about:
  • Difference between customization and personalization
  • Value of personalizing new and traditional media
  • Making things personal in a meaningful way
  • Personalization driving online marketing
  • Engaging customers contextually
  • Algorithmically-driven content
  • Personalization of landing pages to increase conversions
  • Recommendation engines for content
The roster of 60 speakers include include industry analysts, CMOs, leading technologists, authors, bloggers, and more telling the story of personalized marketing in just 60 minutes.

Get your transcript or audio recording of the Future of  Marketing 2: The Personalization Revolution.

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