How Will Mobile Revolutionize BI? - Attend this Webinar (Register Now)

Webinar: How Will Mobile Revolutionize BI?
Live Webinar: How Will Mobile Devices Revolutionize Business Intelligence?
Mobile devices are everywhere. But the adoption and maturity of mobile Business Intelligence (BI) has traditionally lagged behind other mobile enterprise applications for multiple reasons. However, larger mobile devices such as tablets and innovative approaches to online and offline BI technical architecture have begun to boost mobile BI adoption and maturity.
Attend this webinar and learn:
What will drive mobile BI to higher adoption rates?
How will next-generation mobile BI revolutionize the overall use of BI?
What are some common mobile BI implementation challenges?
How can mobile BI help ensure that business processes and information are ubiquitous?
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Boris Evelson of Forrester will discuss how you can leverage mobile to make more informed, faster decisions wherever you are.
Tuesday, June 28th
10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST
Featured Speaker
Boris Evelson
Boris Evelson
Vice President & Principal Analyst Forrester
Boris is a leading expert in business intelligence (BI) — a set of processes, methodologies, and technologies used to transform raw data into meaningful, useful, and action-oriented enterprise information. He delivers strategic guidance, helping enterprises define BI strategies, governance, and architectures and identify vendors and technologies.


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