iPad 2 - What's new about it? - or can we call it a Stunt only...

I believe the iPad 2 was pre-maturely sent to the consumers in the market, looked like a stunt to somehow slowdown the spoil in Apple's tablet market share, since Motorola is coming out with XOOM and thats really a promising candidate. Also, how about Samsung 10".... that will be some threat as well... the key is combined fire-power from Android-based tablets is proving to be strong enough for Apple for such hasty deployment of product with substantial new features.

I'm personally happy with iPad 1... i dont need a camera, and display is good enough for now... what I'm missing is listed below...

GOOD NEWS (Will you go for new iPad for same price as its predecessor with below key features?)
  • Faster Processor
  • Dual Camera
  • Thiner profile (thinner than your iPhone)
 SAD NEWS (Better luck next time)

  • Still no SD card slot - isn't that simply crazy... 
  • Better speaker sound next time
  • No Sharper screen - I still don't like to watch movies on iPad
  • Again - as always ACCESSORIES are expensive and never out-of-the-box with Apple
  • The USB cable is always very fragile (they really need to work on it durability)
  • Still no FLASH support??? - Come on Steve... Flash is still a dominant technology for videos and there are millions out there that are not getting served to iPad... who would want to compromise features that are essential... not luxury 

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