How to get repeat visitors to your site?

When you have a website online it is important for you to try and get new visitors to your site, but it’s also important to take care of the visitors that you actually already have. This is because you will want your existing visitors to keep returning to your site again and again. So, this is always going to be a double front battle on balancing your strategies for New & Existing visitors/customers. Hope you will find this article useful and interesting. Also, feel free to throw punches in the comments/forum with new ideas about the subject being highlighted here.

There are many ways that you can do this. Some of these include the following:

1. Updating your Website content continuously

This is an important factor to consider if you want your visitors to keep returning to your site. This is because if you keep on updating your sites content, then every time your visitors come back to your site they will see something new every time, which should then interest them even further. If you don’t update your content on a regular basis, then your visitors will end up getting bored of your site and will then go elsewhere. "Change is the only constant" - keeps constant in-flow of visitors to your site.

2. Making your site more sticky 

Giving your site more stickiness will make it more addictive to your sites visitors, which will in return make them want to come back to your site. Check out this link

3. Checking your site for broken links 
This is very important when having a site. If your site does not function properly, then your visitors will not even bother with it. One of the most annoying things when visiting a site is when it has continuous broken links.

If you find it hard to manually check your site for broken links, then a good piece of free software to use would be the REL Link Checker Lite, which can be downloaded from

4. Getting other people’s opinions 
When having a site, other than your own thoughts, it is also a good idea to get other people’s opinions. For example, the colours of your site, what parts people like on your site the most, what parts people dislike the most, etc. Getting opinions from your visitors like this will help you to find out what most people dislikes about your site, which means you can then improve these parts, making it better for your visitors in return.

5. Performance of your website

Last but not the least that I would like to discuss here is how fast your web pages appear. Performance is the key when it comes to ensure visitors don't flea away from your site. It helps reduce the bounce rate of the visitors.

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