Facts about Website Performance

Research indicates that 80% of the end-users response time is spent on the front-end, remaining 20% includes all of database & other back-end activities such as web-services.

There are numerous factors that contribute towards the end-users response time on the front-end:
  1. # of HTTP Requests
  2. Whether or not if the site is using CDN (Content Delivery Networks)
  3. Caching
  4. Compression
  5. Optimization
  6. Minification
  7. Placement of Stylesheets in the HTML
  8. Placement of JavaScripts in the HTML
  9. CSS expressions usage in the code
  10. Are your JS and CSS internal to HTML or external
  11. Redirects
  12. Duplicate scripts
  13. Are your AJAX cachable?
  14. # of DOM elements
  15. Are you using iFrames?
  16. Do you have lot of 404s (Page not found errors) on your site?
  17. Cookie size
  18. Image size & optimization
  19. CSS Sprites
  20. Missing image size (height and width) in the code
  21. Size of HTML
  22. Size of Javascripts & CSS
We will discuss possibly each of the above in sufficient details in up-coming posts with examples, tools, suggestions, tips, techniques, and tricks to boost page performance.

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