Speed up your website with Apache Module - mod_pagespeed

What is mod_pagespeed?

As we have already discussed in some of our previous posts, website performance is one the key factors that contribute to the success of your business. Slow websites have track record of turning away the visitors/potential customers to competition.

For those who are running their show using Apache, mod_pagespeed is a very useful module that can help boost the performance of your website.

mod_pagespeed is an open-source Apache 2.2+ module designed to automatically speed up your site by optimizing the various components of your web pages. The module does this by rewriting page resources using filters that adhere to web performance best practices. mod_pagespeed is the server version of the client-side Firefox module that analyzes web pages using similar best practices.

How does mod_pagespeed work?
The key areas of tuning are:
  • Optimize your resources (on-the-fly)
  • Better caching policies

mod_pagespeed utilizes a number of filters that can help you compress HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and optimize JPEG and PNG images, as well as configure better caching policies. mod_pagespeed rewrites resources into a server-side cache to be delivered instead of the original resources, so it is important to configure caching on your server correctly. The module essentially takes existing page resources and trims excess fat (unused resources in images for example), and improves caching (hashed resources with long expiry times). By configuring caching and HTTP compression and using mod_pagespeed, webmasters can speed up their sites by serving optimized resources.
FYI: Resources such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS are compressed either using GZIP compression or deflate. It depends on the type that browser supports (GZIP or Deflate).
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