Direct Email - How does it help?

Direct email is - faster, cheaper, and much more manageable. It is built on the new genre of Internet technology & concept called "Opt-in". Typically "Opt-in" is a way to ensure that the recipient of the email campaign have given the marketer permission to contact them. As outlined in our last post, it could be a newsletter, subscription to blog, weekly highlights, weekly reports, monthly reports, deals, coupons, and much more.

Also, companies today are using their vast existing customer database to figure out their buying patterns and purchasing habits based on their profile information to offer them more personalized promotions, deals, educational material, coupons and many other proven ways to encourage them remain loyal to the company. Retention.

Another key factor here is "Relationship marketing principles" that helps bolster the outcome of direct email marketing campaigns. As discussed email marketing campaigns are better, faster, cheaper, and much more manageable. We need to have the culture deep-rooted in to our marketing programs that focus on loyalty and customer's lifetime value by building and maintaining relationship over time.

Personalization adds great value to direct email marketing campaigns.

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