Email Marketing Software - SwiftPage

Email Marketing Software - SwiftPage

Execute sophisticated email campaigns, capture leads with web forms, nurture prospects automatically with automated marketing and identify your hottest leads using a ranked call list that reveals your most interested prospects all within your database. 

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  1. Connect with your contacts directly from your database or manage your list with Swiftpage Connect. Easily create and send emails and trust your messages are delivered with Swiftpage. 
  2. Obtain quality leads from your website or link from an email to gather more information from your current contacts with Swiftpage's Survey Tool. 
  3. Let us rank your contacts and determine who to follow up with first, with the Swiftpage Call List. Also, get the most from your emails with detailed, graphical Swiftpage reports.
  4. Plan and execute intelligent marketing communication sequences automatically. Now with Postcard and Telemarketing stage fulfillment. Not only is it smart, but it’s effortless too.

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