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Email Marketing

Capture leads, create beautiful emails and automatically follow up using autoresponders.
Powerful Email Marketing with Smart Automation

Tailor your messages to your audience based on interests, preferences, purchase history, etc.
Email Marketing with Integrated CRM

Put your marketing and follow-up on auto-pilot and still deliver meaningful messages.
Multi-media Email Marketing

Expand your email campaigns with letters, postcards, faxes, and voice messages.
Plus, their Small Business Experts will provide you with the proven Success Path to double your sales.


Email Marketing 2.0 is the next generation of email marketing for small businesses. By combining traditional email marketing with a powerful CRM, small businesses can send relevant and targeted email messages to the right audience at the right time, automatically. Permission-based Email Marketing 2.0 goes well beyond the typical autoresponder system. It opens the door to personalized communication with customers and prospects that will lead to increased sales and improved relationships. As sales and relationships improve, a small business owner's freedom will expand.
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For many years, email marketing software for small businesses has lacked the ability to segment lists in order to send targeted emails. Now, email marketing software combined with a CRM gives small businesses a better way to grow fast. Infusionsoft is the email marketing solution for small business. No upfront fees, no hassles, no contracts. Just reliable, consistent email marketing…and a comprehensive CRM system…and a powerful automation engine…and great support…and lots of other great things, too.

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