Email Marketing - Bright side v/s Dark side

Email marketing is one of the most powerful direct marketing tool that has ever existed. In early days of internet marketing it was used primarily for customer acquisition, but email marketing have grown and matured with time and now is also used for customer  retention.

Based on research an average for a customer connected to Internet tends to receive anywhere from 80-140 email per week, which is tremendous inflow. Generally, people tend to Open, Read, and Respond to emails, especially when they know the company or person. And, the dark side about emails is that people tend to delete marketing and promotional emails without even caring to open and read the same. Some of the advanced user also create filters/rules to move marketing and promotional emails to separate or delete folders. Lot of unwanted emails are automatically filtered from Inbox by the programs like Yahoo, MSN, Google, and so on.

Similar situation exists, in corporate world, where the email server is configured to identify and eliminate useless emails... But, that's affecting genuine marketing and promotional emails as well (Sad side of the coin).

Challenge 101 - The greatest challenge for all email marketers is to figure out means to rise above this clutter of emails and precisely focus on "What is going to get the attention of customer or prospect to your email and make them open, read, and act".

What does Internet direct marketing (focus on Email) bring to the table? - It brings an amazing blended mix of informational, educational, entertaining, and promotional communications directly with the prospect or existing customers.

Types of Email Marketing Programs - below are different types of email marketing programs that marketers use and you as a customer run into knowingly or unknowingly": (Credit for below content goes to - Hans Peter Brondmo)

Unwanted (Don't want to use the term Sxxm not sure if Google will like it or not)
  • Unsolicited
  • Unexpected
  • Unwanted
  • Soon-to-be unlawful
Campaigns and Opt-in Lists
  • One to many
  • One Message
  • One Way
  • Exclusively promotional
  • List driven
Customer Dialog and Service
  • Individualized
  • Integrated
  • Interactive
  • Informational
  • Program-oriented
  • Profile & Data-driven

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