24 Strategies that work Online & On Social Media

Here are some of the strategies that you or your company can implement to increase brand recognition & awareness online and on social media networks:
  1. Publish 4-7 articles per month on your blog - be a creator
  2. Post replies to blogs & in forums - be a critic
  3. Publish at-least 1 Video or Podcast every month
  4. Host the Blog on your own domain
  5. Consistently engage visitors in Poll, Surveys & encourage them to comment
  6. Blog should be targeted to train/educate and increase awareness amongst the visitors
  7. Sign-up for Google Alerts
  8. Do your homework on "Keyword research" to ensure your blog makes its well-deserved space in Search engines
  9. Do you eMail Blast
  10. Add Facebook Like or Tweet buttons, probably with Counts
  11. Engage in Search Engine Optimization
  12. Engage in Search Engine Marketing
  13. Direct engagement with potential customers
  14. Stories sell - share the reviews, stories you know about the products & services
  15. Consistently provide TOP 10 list to your visitors
  16. Maybe you can write something controversial (not in real sense) - but the key is to provide another point of view from the one where everyone else is following - this can  create lot of buzz and visits
  17. Provide product reviews & comparisons (unbiased) 
  18. Setup your own or company profile on Facebook & fan page
  19. Publish posts/articles through the company page
  20. Add videos from & to YouTube
  21. Custom design your twitter profile page - to for brand recognition
  22. Always reply to those who follow you (Respect & Reach)
  23. Do not post stories directly in Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn or any other social media site - their Shelf life is just minutes
  24. Rather - publish stories on your own blog - where the shelf life is almost infinite
I'm sure there would be tons of other ideas that would work. Not, all ideas would work for everyone as a matter of fact. But, these are worth trying.

Test... Test... Test...

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