Email Marketing - Complements your website(s)

Websites, by its very nature are passive in nature. Have you heard from anyone who just created an awesome looking website, very user-friendly and with great products & features, but not productive? What I meant here is that websites have to wait for the visitors to "pay the visit" and then take appropriate action (passive in nature).

How many visitors regularly visit your website, the real answers is very few. So, what does this mean for you and the marketing team? Its very clear that you cannot run your business by just waiting for visitors to come and purchase products on your site, you need to pro-actively reach out to the mass (targeted audience in your niche) by exercising various tools. One of the most effective tool we are going to focus for this session is Email Marketing.

Email Marketing - Its Proactive & Outbound

Email allows you to change the dynamics of your business by reaching out to the audience and deliver the message you intend your audience to open, read, and take action on. The key is that you will be able to reach out to people who may or may not be interested in your website/products and to existing customers as well.

Email Marketing helps acquisition of new customers and also is a proven tool that helps retention of existing customers.

How websites can complement your Email Marketing strategies?

You need to design your website navigation & flow in such a manner that the visitor is engaged in the process of providing basic information such as Name, Email address, and maybe their interest & phone number (optional). Below are few strategies that you can use online that will drive the visitor to provide the information you need to keep-in-touch with the prospective or existing customer(s):

  • Subscribe to News letters
  • Subscribe to Special Promotions
  • Subscribe & download free whitepapers, ebooks
  • Subscribe for a free event (Webinar/Seminar)

(To be continued...)

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