Mobile Trends in 2010 & 2011 - Presentation

2010 Mobile Influencers: Trend Predictions in 140 Characters, By TrendsSpotting
Let us take a step back on the predictions made by TrendsSpotting for 2010 and how it will lead or kick start 2011.

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What does this tell us about 2011?

I believe these areas are the key and most of the predictions and reality will be in these areas for 2011:

  1. Mobile Commerce will be a big boom
  2. Big Vendors need to bring ORDER to the Social Media Chaos
  3. App Stores will be barometer for determining customer needs
  4. Shift to Cloud Computing and SaaS is the key and irreversible
  5. Tablets & Marketplaces will burst with applications for convenience
  6. Better & faster integration will be the key (ask
  7. Virtualization will be on the run\
  8. Unified collaboration and communication suites (Office 365 - in cloud)
Additional Reference(s):
  1. Mobile Commerce : Opportunities, Applications, and Technologies of Wireless Business
  2. M Commerce: Technologies, Services, and Business Models
  3. Mobile and Ubiquitous Commerce: Advanced E-business Methods (Advances in Electronic Business (Aebus) Book Series)

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