Google Engage Program - What is it all about?

Google is one cool company that is constantly evolving - new ideas, new products, and finally new ways to keep its audience & customers focused on its core business i.e. is search and advertising. What I'm trying to bring to your attention here is the new Google Engage program. If you are an individual web developer or a webmaster managing websites for other clients, or a digital marketing agency, the Google Engage program should interest you.
What does the Google Engage program have for you?
Under the Google Engage program, Google will provide you free online training and course material on relevant Google products like Analytics, Webmaster tools, Google Places, etc. You’ll also be given free AdWords vouchers (maybe it $50 or $100 or more) that you may pass on to your clients to encourage them to try the Google Advertising platform for free.
Bottom-line is, this is like a win-win situation for all (you, your clients, and ofcourse - Google). Google focuses to attract more businesses to their advertising system while you get more avenues to expand and increase you own online business.

Below is list of tools provided on Google Engage dashboard:

1.     Basic Training (education)
2.     My Coupons (you need to unlock you coupons)
3.     Get Certified (become Google certified partner)
4.     Marketing Tools (sales and marketing support)
5.     Further Training (Ad words 101 training)
Participation in the Google Engage program is free. Click your country name -- United States, United KingdomAustralia or India – to apply for the program.
Google Engage Video

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