PR - How Do You Reach The Media?

Once you have an interesting story for the targeted audience, the next step is learning how to approach the media.

There are few basic ways to getting your story to the media:
1. Advisory
2. News Release

Advisory - One-page advisory is the best way to tell the local media about an upcoming event, such as news conference, reception, awards luncheon, book publishing event, seminars, product launch, and product trials. You must present the information in a very clear, concise manner, and emphasizing the "Who", "What", "When", "Where", and "Why".

New Release - You need to use a news release when you/company are announcing news, such as an introduction of new product or a service, if the company is actively hiring, expansion of business, announcing quarterly performance, or a survey. Ensure, the news is in the 1st Paragraph or it would lose the reporter's attention.

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