Creating an Image with PR

I'm sure you must have heard about families spending their Saturday afternoons on advertised locations, that's because the commercial after commercial drummed into their heads about the features, pricing, discounts, and other goodies they will get as a part of the deal/bundle.

The key here, of course, is to define what is the exact image of your products/organization you want to portray and what message you want to deliver to your potential customer segment.

One of the key factors in the success of a brand or organization is the effort to develop an image of you as an industry leader with help of 3rd parties-the editors- to make the claim of your leadership and vision. Using 3rd parties will give you far more credibility to flattering words about you and your company than you can DIY. As mentioned in previous article(s) PR is about how and who can talk Good-2-Great about you and your work. That's what will attract more people's attention.

Another point to consider is to shape and fashion your image during the start-up. There are numerous ways this is done e.g. you start building your image with your letterhead, the name of your company, the style of your letters or attractive design of your brochure - sometimes even the location of your office.

Watch this presentation on PR 2.0
We will continue this series on educational details about PR in upcoming posts.

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