Public Relations Costs Less Than Advertising

Public relations - especially DIY projects - offers many possible tools for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Examples could be:
1. Get attention in daily news paper
2. Get on national stage by sending a news release about the product to national magazines
3. Speaking engagements
4. Write feature story in local news papers
5. Explore direct-mail campaign
And many more.....

The distinct advantage of DIY public relations activities over advertising is that they cost much less comparatively. Ideas such as throwing a part for 30-40 friends or an hour's time with reporter of the local news paper could result into thousands of customers learning about your new venture or product.

Another plus is that readers believe a story in the newspapers (online/offline) than they believe what they see, hear, and read in ads.

When the information has filtered through reporters and editors, the credibility rating is much higher and that creates mousetraps to attract potential people who would either try the product or buy after try.

Meet more PR tools

1. Brochure
2. Capabilities kit
3. Teach
4. Speaking engagements at local events
5. Write a book / ebook

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