4 Email Addresses Capture Techniques to Increase Website Conversion

1. Incentivized Newsletter Sign Up - Most of the ecommerce websites have "Newletter Sign-up"  buried way below the fold, causing it kind-of invisible to the visitor and missing the opportunity of throwing up the Newsletter Sign-up right in the front of the customer's eyes.

Based on recent study, it was discovered that top 3 reasons why the customers or visitors would share email address are purely promotional. Visitors are ready to share email addresses only if they are getting something in return.
  • 67% to receive discounts and promotions
  • 55% to get a ‘freebie’ in exchange for my email address
  • 50% To get updates on coming sales
Design/Re-design  your site to ensure Newsletter sign-up is above the  fold, and catchy.
2. Site Registration

Provide incentives for registering on your site... or ensure the free material, downloads, webinar request etc... are available to the visitor based on registration process.

3. Social Login

Quite a lot of site face issues due to credibility concerns when it comes to registration or sharing personal email. At times people are lazy to register over and over again with multiple websites. This is where SOCIAL LOGIN comes handy and gives boost to the # of visitors who would eventually sign-up or share more information.
Check out when you goto http://www.buy.com.

4. Shopping Cart Process

In the check-out process you should capture the email address & possibly Name of the customer as early as possible to be able to send personalized emails with offers and updates based on their shopping experience, products in the cart etc... You can also offer Save the cart now and complete shopping later functionality with integrated registration.

So, bottom-line is there is no one right tool, no one right method to capture customer's email address... Infact, there are several ways, and you have to identify which one fits your model and business.

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