Success Metrics When Marketing to the Social Web

Influence on the Media

  1. Visits/views
  2. Unique Visitors
  3. Volume of reviews, comments
  4. Navigation Paths
  5. Links
  6. Files embedded

How do you compile this data? – Google Analytics, Site Meter, Technorati, Yahoo Search Management & plethora of other paid/free website analytical tools are available to capture/report these data.

Influence on Your Target Audience

  1. Sentiment of reviews, comments
  2. Brand affinity
  3. Commenter authority, influence
  4. Time spent
  5. Favorites, friends, fans
  6. Viral forwards
  7. Number of downloads
  8. Opinions expressed
  9. Membership

How do you compile this data? – Social media platform metrics, Social media analysis tools.

Influence on Your Business

  1. Sales inquiries
  2. New business
  3. Customer satisfaction, loyalty
  4. Marketing efficiency
  5. Risk reduction

How do you compile this data? – Surveys, Market mix modeling

(Source – Larry Weber’s – “Marketing to the Social Web")

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