Comparison Shopper Website - Canada Post

Recently, during our keyword research journey we bumped onto a SERP (Search Engine Results Page)  that brought a website named "Canada Post" to my attention, especially due to my own involvement in the eCommerce websites design & development that are based on relationship with affiliate programs/network integration.

Most notable areas of the website is the SEARCH BOX with the title "COMPARISON SHOPPER". So, we decided to give it a try to search for "ACER LAPTOPS" and were amazed to see the search results. The site provided lot of useful information for a shopper as listed below:
  1. Product Image
  2. Product Price (Marked v/s Sell)
  3. %off if applicablle
  4. S&H (Shipping & handling) cost
  5. Whether free shipping
  6. And, most important the product source (Newegg, PC Canada, Amazon etc...)
acer laptop
Another area that caught our attention are the Price & Discount Sliders... What that means for the shopper is that shopper can search for products based on price range and Discount % they are looking for.
Kudos... This is a cool place to shop for.

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